Carta de Hans Beer

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Compartimos la carta de Hans Beer, descendiente de suizos actualmente residiendo en Estados Unidos, quien intenta obtener información acerca de sus antepasados. Los datos de contacto se encuentran al pie de la misiva.

Letter to the Swiss Organizations in Argentina
To Whom it may Concern:

My name is Hans Beer with Swiss passport #F 1059659. I am a resident of Fairfield, Ohio, USA. with a permanent resident card # A018-739-530. My ancestral home is Trub, Bern, Switzerland. My great grandfather, Ulrich Beer moved to Thurgau, where my father, Fritz Beer Tuchschmid was born. My father left Switzerland for Peru in 1915 and established residence in Piura, Peru.

My father died in Lima, Peru in 1962 and was buried in the “Angel” Cemetery in Lima, Peru. Years later my father was moved to the historical cemetery of “San Teodoro” in Piura, Peru where a black marble headstone was erected for my father and my mother, Ana Maria Beer Burneo. .At the time of my father’s death, the Beer Engeli family from Argentina sent written condolences to my family in Piura, Peru. Unfortunately this letter with the address was lost and the persons with any information about the Fritz Beer Engeli family in Argentina are now deceased.

I am contacting your Organization in Argentina to obtain any information about Fritz Beer Engeli and his descendants He was possibly born in the decade of 1870’s and immigrated to Argentina possibly in the 1900 ‘s and established residence there. I do not have information at all as to whether he established residence in Buenos Aires or in the provinces. My inclination is to believe that perhaps he established residence in the provinces as this was an agricultural area and since his background was work with agriculture I am guessing perhaps he settled in the provinces instead of Buenos Aires.

Fritz Beer Engeli was my grandfather, Rudolf Beer’s youngest brother. Any information you might have about his descendants would be helpful to me in order to try and make contact with them. Any person in your organization with paternal or maternal surname Beer could be of great interest to me in this search. Also any information or sources of information in this endeavor is deeply appreciated.

My family in Ohio is planing a trip to Argentina in the near future and would very much like to contact any descendents of my Beer family that is now residing in Argentina.

Thank you very much for the attention to this matter.

Hans Beer

My e-mail address is beer.hans@yahoo.com
My telephone number (513) 860-5467

2749 Saturn Dr
Fairfield, Ohio, 45014-5056 USA

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